Sweet Rock

Sweet Rock is a parcel that my brothers (Chris and Matt) and I bought in the summer of 1998.  It's really great with interesting terrain, wildlife (including the three of us) and foliage.   The neighbors are incredibly friendly and we are just pleased as punch to be spending time up there.

The parcel is very nice with woods, an orchard, meadows, rock bluffs and a few acres of corn.  The name for the land came from a particular formation that we viewed on our visit the the real estate agent.

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Weekend of January 23 2000
Weekend of October 9th 1999
Weekend of July 23rd 1999
Weekend of May 8th 1999
Weekend of April 3rd 1999
Weekend of October 23rd 1998

Weekend of September 18th 1998
Weekend in August 1998
Weekend of July 31st 1998
Weekend of May 2nd 1998
Weekend of October 14th, 2000
Beth, the kids and I drove up Friday night and expected to see that the first floor had been started, but little else.  It was really cool to see that, not only was the floor itself in, but the framing for the walls was substantially completed as well.

The Spot
Looking East
Looking East
Looking South

The McGuires were up harvesting the fall corn.

Beth had an idea for the Christmas cards this year.  We have two options.

Weekend of October 7th, 2000
Progress continues to be made on the house, slowly but surely.   The foundation is in and it's really neat to see the orientation of the house and imagine what the finished building will look like.

The Spot
Looking East
Looking East
Looking South

Weekend of July 15th, 2000

Exciting times this summer with the preparations for building the house are finally leading to construction!  The big rigs are on-site and digging the foundation.  That's it for the camping spot, but we've relocated just a few yards away.

The dogs were well behaved for this shot and another with Sarah.

Weekend of January 23rd, 2000
Matt:  We took a weekend to play in the snow and retire at the Lodge (with heat... and a hot tub).  It had snowed a few inches the night before, and there were about eight inches of powder on the ground.  So Rich got on the ATV (with Dad in the shiny new Ford ExpeditionTM).  Then I got on the ATV.  A fun time was had by all.

I also managed to capture a really nice photo of the barn across from Robinson Ridge.  Here's one of Dad and chris, and a nice one of some pine trees.

Weekend of October 9th 1999
Matt: This weekend I went up with my stepbrother Brad and my friend Josh to see the fall colors.  It was one of the nicest weekends of camping I 've ever experienced.  The colors were amazing... well take a look at this shot of the hammock.  This was taken towards the evening when the sun was starting to hit the field across Rt. N perfectly.  We've been trying to take a decent photo of the Sweet Rock tree for a while, and here's a unique perspective from that spot.  Along the way we had a visitor!  One of the McGuire's towed a pair of grain wagons (look in the distance).  Here's a couple of shots from Robinson Ridge, looking north and west.  There were also some wildflowers in bloom.

The weather was perfect that weekend (Perfectly sunny and highs around 70).  If you get a chance to see southwestern Wisconsin in early October I highly recommend it!

Weekend of July 23rd 1999
Dan finally finished the earth moving portion of the driveway project.  Here's a snippet of the finishing work being done.

We took pictures of the kids [1][2] with the dozer as Christmas card possibilities.  They give you a much better idea of the size of the Cat compared to the clip above.

Weekend of May 8th 1999
Jason under an apple tree.
There is a spot by Robinson Ridge that is one of my favorites.  It took me a long time to shoot this as the lighting is tough under a substantial canopy of trees.
The Gang at the camper.
A zoomed in shot of camp.  I like this one because it looks like a survalance photo.

The driveway was in full construction this trip.
Halfway up, looking up.
On the side, by the road.
From the top, looking down.

Weekend of April 3rd 1999
We were just getting the driveway put in and things were very soupy.  At a couple points walking down my foot sunk in to the knee.  My boots were filled with water and mud.  In the next weekend or two we have to go back and put down seed.  That should be an adventure too.

The other major chore was the start of clearing the orchard.  There are ~103 prickly ash trees down there and we take great pleasure in cutting them down and putting them on the fire. (Caution, the fire link is a 2MB video).  Here are some frames from that movie. One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six.

[Updated 8/17/99]
Here are some photos from that day. Jason and Sarah, Matt.
Also a photo of the driveway to be.
From the bottom looking up.

Weekend of October 23rd 1998:
This weekend was a towards the tail end of the colorful fall in South Western Wisconsin.  We had several days of really nice weather, clear crisp nights and sunny warm days.  Really it was just about perfect.

Dusk from Robinson Ridge
This shot looks North West from the ridge.  It is a nice panorama with the rolling hills and the Overall View farm.

A sunset from Robinson Ridge.

A Gang
Your Webmaster
Some pics from the ridge.

The view over the fields isn't the best in the house, but it's often good for clouds or deer.

Evil Spider
This thing looked like it was ready to take someones arm off!

From the Hammock 1
From the Hammock 2
A couple nice shots of the foliage.  Taken from the hammock in the campsite.

Keinitz 1
Keinitz 2
Keinitz 3
I went for a hike and the light was hitting the Keinitz ridge just right.  Here are some of the more colorful images from the weekend.

Little Tree
This tree has certainly choosen a difficult spot to make a living.  We'll see how it goes!

Matt in the Woods
Matt on the Ridge
Matt is the youngest and most available of the Wellners.  Any ladies interested can contact him via matt@wellner.org

Just lounging around.

Working the camera, as usual.

Hollow Log
A more artistic shot by the webmaster.

Twin Peaks
The trees, not the show.  This was Matt's nicest shot from the weekend.

Rich, Dad, Mick, Matt and Jason went for a hike and Matt snapped this shot.

Weekend of September 18th 1998
Sarah in a cave
Sarah and Jason both like this small cave in the side of Robinson Ridge.  It faces North so it is always cool, even in the heat of the day.

Sarah relaxing
At the bottom of Robinson Ridge are many boulders of various sizes.  This one has a hollow in it that is the perfect size for Sarah.

My favorite tree
I have to come up with a better way to shoot this tree, but here is the only picture I have right now.  On the top of Sweet Rock is where this was taken and that tree is a really cool, knurled pine of some sort.  It's trunk actually goes horizontally from the visible tree under the boulders in the foreground to somewhere approximately where the photographer was standing.

Ken, Ruth, Dad and the kids on Robinson Ridge
Uncle Ken and Aunt Ruthie came up to check things out with Dad.  Here they are at mid-day on Robinson Ridge.

Ken, Dad and Sarah
Just south of Robinson Ridge is another bluff that has some neat formations.  On our way back to camp after a pleasant hike we stopped to take this picture.

Weekend in August 1998
Dewey Spiderweb
Rich took this photo of a dewey spiderweb one morning.

Naked photo number one
Our dog Presto is quite the exhibitionist.... please note the appropriately placed grass for the younger viewers.

Naked photo number two
Work it, poochie, work it!!

Weekend of July 31st 1998
This was a special weekend since it was the first time Dad, Chris, Matt and I had been able to go up to Sweet Rock together.  We toasted with a bottle of Dom Perignon, played some golf and had a generally great weekend.

Sunrise with Venus
Sunrise over field
Sometimes when the sun starts to come up the wildlife wakes me up.  I usually go back to sleep for several more hours, but since I knew Venus would be visible and I had the hammock hanging out, I decided to take some pictures and enjoy the view.  It was really fun.  It was a chilly summer morning, about 55F or so, and I just laid out on the hammock in my sleeping bag and bathed in the glory.  Venus is in the first picture just over the trees on the top left.

The Patriarch
We went over to Robinson Ridge at sunset to pop the Dom.  These pictures turned out very badly because I didn't bring a tripod, but since it was an important night here they are after digital manipulation.

Weekend of May 2nd 1998
Van in the field
This was the weekend we closed on the land.  It was also the weekend that I had tickets to go to a Bulls playoff game with my Dad and brothers.  This stupid van prevented me from doing so.  Then to add insult to injury, it didn't even grow new vans!

Jason and the Barn
Our land ends at the edge of the forest under Robinson Ridge.  The barn in the background here belongs to our western neighbors.

Jason and Ship Rock
A nearby feature is a bluff that looks a bit like an ocean liner getting ready to set sail into the heavens.  To the best of my knowledge this is also Jason's first attempt at trick photography!

Rich working
I spend a lot of time with semi-productive labor like gathering firewood for the evenings festivities.  When we first got up there we had a medium size oak laying in the middle of the campground.  Here I am sawing it up.  The thicker part I saved and we are now using as a bench for the campfire.

Rainy day
During the first few trips up we couldn't catch a break on the weather front.  Here is the gang playing Uno in the camper one night.

Here are a couple panoramic shots.  They were taken during the spring when not everything had bloomed.

This spot looks much different now.  The weeds have been cut back and there is a fire ring with a bench near where the log is.