RC Flying

Here are some photos of and from my RC airplane.  I am a member of the Fermilab Barnstormers and just learning to fly.  My first plane is a Ready.   This is an ARF that was pretty simple to throw together, but still flies pretty well.  I can practice the Novice patterns with it, though I wouldn't want to compete.

Since getting into this hobby both my kids have gotten interested as well.  Sarah and I are building a Mad Cap, which is a rubberband powered scale model, and Jason is going to build an RC glider this winter.  My winter project is a Kaos 60 which I plan to fly pattern with.

On Thanksgiving I test flew my homebrew camera rig at Fermilab and got some pictures [1][2][3].  Jason came out with me and threw the elevator to turn his first loop.

I plane to put a landing field in up at Sweet Rock and take some aerials up there as well.