Random Photos

I have exposed a lot of silver in my day.  Here are some photos that I particularly like.

A Yellow Rumped Warbler outside my window at Fermilab.

A sunset in Florida
My Grandparents used to live on Marco Island in Florida.  This is a sunset from one of the beaches there.

Deer 1
Deer 2
Deer 3
At Brown County State Park in Indiana Beth and I stopped to check out the deer in 1989.

Darkroom Fun
I used to fool around in darkrooms some.  Here is a manipulation of an orchard.

York Photo
Here is a photo that I took at York High School when I took photo classes.  It was kind of fun, if not very clever.

My First Car
I had this car for 11 days before I used a 72 Buick to slow it down.  Kind of sucked, but my second car was cooler anyway, so things worked out.

My Second Car
The folks at State Farm were kind enough to buy me this car to replace the one above.

Dead Bird
Birds are stupid.  Even those colorful talking ones seem to have very a limited vocabulary! This one flew into a picture window.

Bizarre Tree
I don't know what was growing on this tree, but it looked kind of cool.

A Sunset in Wisconsin
From a trip to Door County we took in 1985.