Family Stuff

Since I was in my early teens I have had fun with cameras.  My Dad got me a nice Canon AE-1 (the first microprocessor controlled commercial camera, BTW).  I used this camera to take most of the shots on this page.  In fact, about half the shots on the SR page were taken with this camera too, 13 years after I first got it!
Photos with People
Chris Sailboarding 1
Chris Sailboarding 2
Mom, Matt, Chris and I went up to Door County for a week in '85 and took sailboarding lessons.  It was great fun, but we all crashed a lot.

I'm not sure when this was taken, but it probably while we were in Door County.

Matt Reading
As a young lad.  Here he is with Rascal and a good book.

Matt Jumping
Matt was always either threatening to jump off cliffs or stabbing himself with Japanese knives.  Here is the former.

One of the cats we had growing up.  She had really soft fur.  Mom never liked cats though and we think she sold them into feline slavery after we moved out.

Mom Gets a(nother) Degree
Mom is a reading specialist with the public schools.  Here she is getting here Masters.  Can't find her?  Maybe this will help.

Matt Dead
Matt always seemed to have kind of a Gothic edge to him (well, that's what I'm claiming anyway).

Failed Brothers Shot
Here's a shot of my brothers and I that didn't turn out well, but it's the only one of the three of us that I can lay a hand on right now.