My Nuclear Family

A long time ago in a town far, far away I married a girl named Beth.  We begat Jason and Sarah (yes, I'm aware that begat is a strictly patriarchal term, get over it).

Jason was born in 1988 and Sarah in 1992.   They both participate in the great suburban bandwagon, soccer.  They are also both into anything outdoors related.  Neither of them were more than a year old before they went camping.  Jason did his first night solo in 1998 up at SR.

Sarah and Jake on the field at SR.
Sarah after an absolutely fanstastic soccer tournement.  They only gave up one goal in five games, before running into a team in the finals of questionable skills.  The good news is, Sarah's team tied that team a week later in league play to the great dissapointment of the coaches and parents on that team!
Jason is playing travel ball again this summer.

We have two options for the Christmas cards this year.

Sarah in the woods
Sarah lighting the torch at the Carol Stream gymnastics fest in '96

Beth smiling
Jason and Sarah on the dozer at SR
Jason hanging out with Dad
Sarah handing out with Mom
Sarah surfing the net
Sarah picking seeds to plant at SR
Sarah wearing a T-shirt from the first female lead shuttle mission
Sarah with her two favorite human facsimiles

Jason and Sarah
I had to post this one.  It's about the only time they have co-operated in the last six years.

Checking-out the Camper
Before a roadtrip you have to make sure the camper is secured.  Here I am teaching the kids what to check.  The almost look like they are listening!

When They Were Babies
Circa 1993

Formal Shot 1
Formal Shot 2
Formal Shot 3
Formal Shot 4
I had a friend from the days that I worked in photography shoot this for us in 1993.   Formal 3 is still one of my all time favorite shots of Jason.

One of the first pictures that I took of my wife to be.  In spite of the fact that I saved this, she still married me!

Better Beth 1
Better Beth 2
Better Beth 3
Here are more fun shots of Beth.  We used to spend a lot of time on that pool table when we were dating.  We also used to hang out in the woods of Nashville, Indiana a fair amount.

Beth Extreme
Here's an attempt at an artistic shot in the woods in Indiana.

Beth & Princess
Beth & Bear
Beth's Grandparents used to have a couple dogs.  Beth liked them.

Christmas Card 1991
The whole family, at the time anyway.

Beth Scowling
Since we didn't have many actual customers back in my photo lab days, we used to screw around with the cameras.

Jason as an infant.