I have two dogs, Babe and Presto.  Babe is a great dog, loyal, obediant and just protective enough.  Presto is, well, entertaining.  He's a Basset and they are about the stupidest breed of dog availble.  To give you some perspective, a border collie will learn a new command in 1-5 repititions.  A Basset takes 60-80.   We're talkin' slow.

Here are some pics:

Presto laying down
Presto sleeping
Presto sticking his tongue out
A few pics of Presto when I was testing out my new camera


Give him a reward, quick!  This is as alert as he gets

Presto on the couch
On another couch
Remember above where I said 60-80 repititions?  Here's Presto after being told about 100 times to get off the couch.

Sit.  Stay.
He doesn't get much more excited about road trips than he does anything else.

Rope 1
Quite possibly the only thing better than a piece of rope to chew on

Rope 2
Is a piece of rope to sleep with

Presto tunneling to freedom
Presto innocent
In the first pic, Presto is trying to get the neighbors dog (which outweighs him 3:1, BTW).  Notice Babe checking out the scene.  In the second shot, they have been busted and Presto (the stupid one) tries to look innocent, while Babe gets out of Dodge.

Presto finds a sandwich
One thing about Bassets.  What the lack in brains they make up for in scenting.   Here's Presto presumably sniffing a sandwich that a construction guy left under the driveway when our house was built 15 years ago.

Babe's ready to go
Babe loves being up at Sweet Rock and can always tell when we are getting ready to go.   Here she is supervising the packing.